About Brother Moses Solomon

By the providence of God, I was born in Addis Abeba into bible believing and Christ exalting family. Right from my childhood, the bible had an integral part in my daily life, thanks specially to my late father.

When I was a young boy, God came into my life in a in a special way and drew me to Himself. He painted an accurate picture of Himself in my little mind through the lives of godly men and women who taught me and lived out their faith before me.

At the tender age of fourteen, when it pleased God to reveal his Son in me, I realized my sinfulness and need justification through Jesus Christ. I came to the realization that I was separated from God and in need of a Savior. God saved me and my faith journey with Him began. I soon sensed God's call in my life to His vineyard for the rest of my life.

My local church was a God appointed spring board for my future life in His ministry. It was during those years that the call of God crystallized deep in my soul. My church was so supportive and I was blessed by many childhood friends who encouraged me. I also had the privilege of having our pastor as my mentor, from whom I gained a lot.

After high school and a two years stint at a College in Addis, my church, sensing and recognizing God's call upon me decided to send me for Theological studies in Kenya. After graduating from Seminary, due to the prevailing situation in our country at that time, I could not go back home. But, God working mysteriously to perform His wonders opened another door among Kenyans and Tanzanians which has left a lasting impact in my life and ministry. It was at this time, some twenty two years ago, God introduced me to radio ministry in a way which amazes me to this day.

To cut the long story short, after more than twelve years of full time radio ministry, I realized that radio was my call, although I had a very narrow understanding of what it meant during my childhood. Today, as I grow older as a follower of Christ, husband and father, God has formed in me this clear picture of my life's calling.

My style of broadcasting in strategically designed to reach out to unbelievers, new believers and seasoned believers in a way that is Christ centered. My driving goal is never to sacrifice the truth for the sake of reaching out. I trust that God will supply me with creative ways to help all who listen to my presentations. As I strive to serve God and His people, I find more and more satisfaction in Christ and convinced that there is ultimate joy and rest in Him.